Which flooring is the most durable?

When choosing the flooring, there are many different aspects to consider. One of the most important selection criteria should be its durability. What is worth knowing in order to choose the right flooring material? Check out the information below!

Why is it worth choosing the durable flooring?

The floor is exposed to a lot of damage every day. You step on it in your shoes, often with high heels. Children go crazy on it when they play, and animals scratch it with their claws. When in a hurry, you certainly, and for sure more than once, drop heavy objects or spill drinks on it. When you return home on a rainy day, you dry your umbrella and muddy shoes. Despite all these challenges, however, you want to ensure that no scratches, dents or bulges appear on the surface. In order to maintain the beautiful appearance of your floor and not give up heavy use, choose the highest quality flooring.

Flooring – features of reliable materials

The variety of options available can make choosing the flooring seem like a difficult task. Customers often ask themselves which abrasion class or installation system will be the best choice and will ensure the floor’s beautiful appearance and durability. Below you will find an overview of the most important parameters that are worth checking before making a purchase and starting the renovation.

Abrasion and usage class

Scratch-resistant flooring will work very well in any room. It will not be damaged by children’s games, dog’s claws or movement of furniture. The abrasion class indicates how well the floor copes with the risk of scratches during everyday activities. If you want to be sure that you are choosing durable flooring, go for a product with an abrasion class AC4 as a minimum. Flooring with the abrasion class AC5 or even AC6 will perform very well in rooms that are heavily used.

The usage class is a similar parameter. It is most often used with laminate flooring. This parameter informs about the floor’s resistance to wear and tear as a result of everyday activities. The flooring with the usage class 31–33 will cope with the fall of heavy objects, shuffling and staining.

Water resistance

Whatever room you are planning to renovate, choose water-resistant flooring. This is especially important in rooms where the floors are constantly exposed to negative effects of moisture – bathrooms and hallways. In other interiors, it is also worth reaching for this solution in order to avoid unpleasant surprises as a result of flooding or equipment failure.

Water-resistant flooring will not detach or swell after contact with standing water. It will not make any damage to it for up to 24 hours. If you wipe the water during this time, no trace will remain on the surface of the flooring, and it will retain its beautiful appearance. It is possible even if you choose models with a single plank effect. This is thanks to V–groove, i.e., milling of the edges of the planks and protecting them with a water-resistant varnish.

Additional protections

Modern flooring is equipped with many additional protections. They make it even more resistant to damage and allow it to be used for much longer. One of the most popular of them are special coatings that protect against scratches. They make delicate defects invisible. This is especially important for dark floors, where each scratch looks bigger and deeper. These types of coatings also help the flooring to retain its matte or glossy finish for longer. When shopping, it’s also worth making sure how long the product is covered by the warranty.

Installation method

For the flooring to be durable and long-lasting, it is extremely important to install it correctly. The innovative Megaloc system means that you can carry out a solid installation of the flooring yourself, even if you have no experience. You don’t need glue or any special tools. The flooring features a click system that allows you to intuitively create a stable, even floor that will stay in place for a long time. However, if you want to make a change and decide to replace the flooring with a new one, dismantling it will also not be a problem either.

Floor resistant to damage – key features

If we were to rank the flooring on the basis of the characteristics described above, Ceramin composite flooring would be chosen as the most durable material. It is distinguished by its very high durability, resistance to damage and innovation. What features are particularly appreciated by customers?

High abrasion resistance of the flooring and waterproofness

Ceramin vinyl flooring is characterised by an above-average high abrasion class, which is difficult to find in other materials. You can choose AC6 rated models. This gives you a guarantee of its durability. UV resistance is also a valuable feature. You will not have to worry about the beautiful colours fading in well-lit rooms. Ceramin is also a waterproof flooring that will not be affected even by prolonged contact with standing water.

Lightness and stability

In the case of laminate flooring, the small thickness is often associated with the instability of the flooring. Planks bend under the weight of furniture or even as a result of stepping on them. On the other hand, flooring that is too thick may block efficient heat distribution when installed on underfloor heating. When choosing Ceramin flooring, you do not have look for a compromise. Although it is extremely thin and light, it will ensure stability and durability. It is therefore the ideal choice for rooms with underfloor heating. The low thickness will also make transport and installation of the floor much easier.

Ecology and safety

Ceramin vinyl flooring is also characterised by being made without the use of PVC and other harmful substances. This makes it durable, safe and 100% recyclable. It has been awarded the Blue Angel certificate, which guarantees a safe atmosphere in the room in which it will be installed. It is also an anti-static vinyl flooring, ideal for allergy sufferers. No electrical charges are created on its surface, which significantly slows down the settling of dust. This makes cleaning much easier.

A wide selection of decors

When choosing the durable flooring for years, it is worth deciding on an attractive model that you will like all the time. In the case of Ceramin flooring, there are a lot of options – you can reach for models inspired by the colour of various species of wood or choose flooring imitating floor tiles and stone floors.

Choose the most durable flooring

Vinyl and laminate flooring is a reliable flooring material. If you choose it correctly, according to your needs and decide on the highest quality options, it will serve you well for a long time. When shopping, therefore, make sure that the flooring is distinguished by a high abrasion class, is water-resistant and equipped with the most necessary additional protections. With our guide, you are sure to make the right decision!