Water-resistant flooring — what are its advantages?

Laminated panels
Laminate flooring should meet the highest quality standards. In order for it to serve you well and look beautiful for a long time, it is worth checking the technical parameters carefully before the purchase. One of the most important parameters is resistance to damage due to moisture. What are the most important advantages of floors protected in this way? Let us explain!

Water-resistant flooring – essential in every home

Water resistance is an extremely important feature of flooring. Choosing flooring materials that are protected against the negative effects of moisture will allow you to avoid many troublesome defects and unsightly traces of use. Water-resistant laminate and vinyl flooring is a perfect choice, especially for bathrooms and hallways. It is in these two rooms that furnishings are particularly exposed to contact with water and steam during everyday use.

However, you will also appreciate water resistance in other rooms in your home – in the kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom. Wherever there is a risk of liquid spilling onto the floor, it will provide effective protection against defects and the need for renovation.

Water-resistant flooring – the most important benefits of installation

Installing water-resistant flooring is an excellent investment. Water-resistant planks do not swell when exposed to moisture, nor do they detach from the substrate. This makes it much more durable than standard materials and it also retains its attractive appearance for longer.

Flooring that is resistant to standing water for up to 48 hours is a practical choice. These types of planks have hydrophobic coating and impregnated bevel. They ensure that spilt water stays on the surface of the floor and does not penetrate into it. Whether it’s broken fittings or a spilt glass of water, if you wipe off the puddle within 48 hours, no trace will remain on the flooring. This feature will also make it much easier for you to take care of the cleanliness of your home on a regular basis. Thanks to the coating, you don’t have to worry that wiping with a cloth that is too wet or an unsqueezed mop will cause permanent damage to the delicate flooring. What’s more, planks labelled as water-resistant are often better protected against the settling of other dirt – this will also have a positive impact on the aesthetics and tidiness of your home.

Water-resistant flooring will help you stay calm. Children playing with water or water from a bowl spilt by your pet during your absence will no longer be a challenge for you. Water-resistant flooring can easily handle these types of accidents.

In rooms exposed to negative effects of moisture, water-resistant planks often the only alternative to tiles and stone flooring. Planks are much more functional. Their surface is nice and warm to the touch, they do not crumble when various objects fall down on them, and they are not slippery. With vinyl planks you can also achieve an interesting look of the room and combine all the advantages of both types of flooring materials. Vinyl planks are available in many different variants and some of them faithfully resemble tiles, concrete and even marble. Installing water-resistant flooring will also allow you to use the same floor everywhere in your home. It is particularly attractive in the case of small flats and studios – this design solution makes it possible to optically enlarge the space.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of laminate flooring described above, choose only high-quality products from reliable manufacturers. This will ensure reliability and attractive appearance.

Water resistance – modern protections for flooring

Manufacturers of water-resistant flooring are constantly improving their products to ensure the highest resistance to damage. One of the most popular solutions is the use of V-groove. It involves milling the edges of planks in such a way that, instead of a uniform parquet, the effect of individual planks is obtained. It makes the floor look more natural. However, such finish does not adversely affect the protection against water – the edges are impregnated with a water- resistant varnish. As a result, each part of the floor is well protected.

Customers also increasingly appreciate the possibility to renovate the flat themselves. In order to make this task easier for them, companies offer flooring that is easy to install. Then, glueless and tool-free locking systems are most commonly used. In this situation, you will also get protection against moisture. Flooring installed using the Megaloc Aqua Protect system is an excellent example. It is distinguished by planks’ innovative shape and the use of a special coating. Both features make the plank bevel tightly sealed. Water is therefore not able to penetrate into the structure. The system is very intuitive and allows to significantly reduce the time required to create a stable, even floor.

Which water-resistant flooring to choose – other technical parameters

Water resistance is not the only important parameter. When looking for durable, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain materials, it is also worth paying attention to several other aspects. First of all, choose flooring with a high abrasion class rating, at least AC4. Only such flooring will be adequately protected against unsightly scratches appearing too quickly. Laminate flooring is also assigned to one of 6 usage classes: 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, 33. If you want it to be extremely resistant to furniture movement, volume gain after contact with moisture as well as staining, go for Class 32 or 33.

If you plan to use underfloor heating, make sure that the selected water-resistant flooring is compatible with it. The most important factor is the thickness – if it is too big, heat distribution will not be carried out properly. You should also avoid planks that are too thin, as they will be unstable. The best choice in this case will be planks with a thickness of about 8-12 mm.

Water-resistant flooring can also be characterized by other useful features. We can often find floors covered with additional coatings. They protect matte and glossy finishes of planks or slow down the settling of dust. It is also worth ensuring that the flooring creates a healthy atmosphere in the room and that it is safe for the environment. In this case, go for models with Blue Angel certificate label. It confirms that a particular material is safe for human health and the environment.

Choose the perfect water-resistant flooring!

A water-resistant floor in your home will allow you to significantly increase the functionality of all rooms. Thanks to them, even a heavily used bathroom, kitchen and corridor will retain the beautiful appearance for longer – water and moisture will not cause any damage there. As a result of the above, water-resistant flooring has gained great popularity. We hope our article has convinced you of its numerous advantages. See for yourself and choose the perfect water-resistant flooring for every room in your house!