Advantages of vinyl flooring

Laminated panels
Vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to materials used in interior design. It is considered a great alternative to wooden parquet, ceramic tiles or stone flooring. What are its main advantages? We describe them in the following text!

Vinyl flooring – what is it?

Composite (vinyl) flooring has been present on the Polish market for a relatively short time. Officially, it is called LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tiles. They consist of several layers made of synthetic material, namely polyvinyl chloride. They are additionally protected with a transparent layer of polyurethane. However, vinyl flooring is primarily associated with interesting decorations. It is manufactured using innovative technologies, which allow for a wide variety of colours and patterns of the top layer. A given pattern is scanned and then applied to the surface. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to make choosing the perfect model even easier.

Vinyl flooring – it worth choosing it?

A refined manufacturing method and an interesting appearance are just some of the advantages of vinyl flooring. There are many more and they are definitely worth considering when planning a renovation! What in particular makes it stand out from other materials used for floor finishes?


Durability is one of the most important advantages of vinyl flooring. This is what makes is a safe investment for many years. First of all, this is water-resistant flooring. As in the case of properly protected laminate flooring, when water is spilt, it does not penetrate into the planks, but remains on the surface. This allows us to avoid many troublesome defects that significantly shorten the lifespan of flooring – moisture does not lead to its swelling or detachment from the substrate. This means you can install it in a bathroom, kitchen and hallway without worrying that contact with moisture will damage the floor – all you need to do is to wipe off the water dripping after getting out of the bathtub or melted snow brought in on shoes and they will disappear without a trace.
Water-resistant flooring is also perfectly protected against scratches. Most often, these are models with a very high abrasion class rating. Even AC6 rated planks are available. This means that there will be no scratches on their surface for a long time, which may negatively affect the appearance of the room. They are also very stable – planks do not deform under pressure. Some models are also equipped with other additional protections that help them maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time. These include UV resistance or special coatings to protect them against traces of use.

Comfort of use

Vinyl flooring is also a very comfortable choice for your home. What primarily distinguishes it from tiles or stone is its surface that is warm and pleasant to the touch. Therefore, stepping on it barefoot will not be a problem. What’s more, vinyl flooring is easy to keep clean. Dust accumulates on it slowly and when you are cleaning, you don’t have to worry that a mop that is too wet will damage its structure. You also don’t need to reach for additional agents and special equipment to keep your home tidy. It is enough to vacuum the planks, and then wipe them with a mop or a cloth with detergent – you do not need additional shining agents or varnishes, as in the case of wooden parquets.
If you’re planning a DIY renovation, you’ll also like vinyl flooring installation method. Many models use innovative systems that allow them to be laid and create a stable floor even by people with no experience. One of these is the glueless, tool-free Megaloc system. A specially developed locking system will enable you to create a perfectly even floor in a very short time. Vinyl flooring is also safe – many models have received the Blue Angel certificate. It guarantees a healthy atmosphere in a room where this flooring has been installed. It also proves that the care for environment was taken into consideration during the flooring production.

A unique look

Although the aesthetic qualities of vinyl flooring have already been mentioned several times in the text, it is worth paying a little more attention to them. The way in which vinyl flooring is manufactured makes it possible to create on it patterns that have so far been reserved for ceramic tiles or stone surfaces. By choosing vinyl flooring, you can fill your interiors with floor that closely resembles marble or concrete. There is also a number of models inspired by different species of wood, covered with clearly visible grains and knots characteristic of such materials.
Composite planks are available in many colour variants that emphasize their beautiful look. You will also find planks with interesting patterns that will add a unique character to your interior. What’s more, depending on your preferences, you can choose flooring with matte or glossy finishing. Thanks to numerous protections, it will look great for a long time.
Choosing a floor with V-groove will ensure interesting effects, too. It is particularly suitable for vinyl flooring resembling wooden parquets. It involves milling the edges of individual planks so that the whole does not look like a uniform surface. The edges are then impregnated with a waterproof varnish.

Which vinyl flooring to choose for your home?

If you are looking for reliable vinyl flooring, test Ceramin planks. They are available in many different variants and will match beautifully to any style interior. These water-resistant planks will retain their beautiful appearance and exceptional properties even in very heavily used rooms. They are perfectly protected not only against water, but also against scratches or crumbling caused by daily use. This can be ensured by the above-average high abrasion class AC6 rating. Moreover, thanks to UV protection, they do not fade in well-lit rooms.
The composition of Ceramin planks is also an extremely important advantage. You won’t find PVC or other harmful substances in them, so you can safely install them in any room in your home. Although slightly thicker than other plank models due to their high abrasion class, they are suitable for installation in interiors with underfloor heating. This, combined with a surface that is nice and warm to the touch, will provide you with the ultimate comfort.

Choose reliable vinyl flooring!

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for any room. Water resistance, high abrasion class rating and a wide selection of patterns – these are just some of its numerous advantages. By choosing modern vinyl flooring of the highest quality, you will gain a guarantee of long-lasting and beautiful appearance of the floor for a long time. We hope that our tips have convinced you of the many advantages of this type of flooring and that you will take them into account when planning a renovation.