How to impregnate the flooring to extend its lifespan?

In order to support the life expectancy of the floor, regular impregnation of your laminate flooring is essential. Nowadays, keeping the floor in a perfect condition is extremely easy due to the availability of various products, both for professional and for everyday use. How to take care of the floor and which flooring impregnating agent is best? Let us give you some hints!

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Flooring is regarded as a material that requires little impregnation compared to wood floors. This is of course true, but planks do require some attention. First and foremost, you should remember to remove dust and dirt from them regularly. This will not only affect the lifespan of the flooring, but also its appearance. Regular vacuuming of the surface prevents the floor from being scratched by sand. At first, micro-scratches may not seem noticeable, but over time they can become quite a problem. Cleaning of the flooring should be carried out carefully. It is worth remembering not to leave a lot of water on the surface of the flooring. Excessive moisture can cause deformation of the flooring. It is also advisable to use mild detergents and suitable impregnating agents.

How to clean the flooring? Home remedies

The easiest way to clean the flooring is to use water and vinegar. It is best to prepare cold water with the addition of vinegar in a ratio of 2 tablespoons to 5 litres of water. Pour this mixture into a sprayer or steam mop and spray the floor with it. At the end, it is a good idea to polish the flooring thoroughly so that you can achieve a shiny surface effect. With regular use of this cleaning solution, the flooring will not only be thoroughly cleaned, but will also look extremely attractive. It is worth taking into account that when vinegar is used, no traces are left on the flooring, so that a shiny surface effect can be achieved.

How to make the flooring shine?

When unwanted stains such as grease or mud appear on the flooring, it is a good idea to use baking soda. Use a ratio of 1 bag of baking soda to 1 bucket of water. After cleaning the flooring with this mixture, it is a good idea to wipe it with a damp cloth. Maintaining the flooring in this way will help to extend its lifespan. It is worth taking into account that the structure of the flooring is porous, which means that almost all dirt penetrates into it. This is the reason why after cleaning the flooring with water alone, the surface is not shiny.

In order to achieve a shiny effect, you will need a proven agent for flooring impregnation. These specialised products contain polymers that penetrate into the flooring to form a uniform surface. The layer created in this way ensures surface resistance against mechanical damage. It effectively prevents scratches, for example when shuffling with shoes on the floor surface.

Impregnation of flooring against moisture

If you are wondering which flooring will work best in your flat, it is worth considering products resistant to contact with water. Nowadays, you can find water-resistant laminate or composite flooring on the market, which is perfect even for spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom, where it will be exposed to moisture. If this is the case, it is worth taking care to protect it properly. Unprotected flooring can lose its properties or be damaged when in contact with water. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a beautiful floor for longer, make sure it is properly protected against contact with water.

If you choose flooring that is not resistant to moisture, you can impregnate the floor yourself. In this case, special agents are most often used that allow for proper protection. The most popular of these is sealing compound for flooring. It can be used to effectively protect edges and joints. At the same time, the agent does not make the individual elements stick together, which makes working with it much easier. The ease and speed of application is also a huge advantage. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that you will not achieve 100% water resistance when using such agent. Despite this, the application of this product is an excellent way when you want to protect your floor from moisture and enjoy the beautiful appearance of your floor even longer.

What to impregnate the flooring with?

Proper impregnation preserves the properties of the flooring for longer, so it is important to use impregnating products regularly. One of the most popular products is a floor wax, which allows you to obtain the effect of shiny floor. Treating your flooring with it will make the flooring shine and effectively protect it from dirt. In addition, it will restore the natural beauty of the flooring, making the surface look like new. For an even better effect, it is worth using the product twice. Wait at least 4 hours between applying it again. Remember to remove previous layers of the product before next application. It should be used on dry and clean flooring. Apply the product to the surface and then spread it evenly. The wax can also be used to impregnate joints in flooring.

To impregnate the flooring, you can also use floor cleaning liquids, which contain active substances that guarantee quick removal of dirt from the floor surface. These products often contain argan oil, which allows to bring out the depth of colour and extend the lifespan of the flooring. In addition, the extract ensures that the flooring is resistant to moisture.

Wax gel, which is mainly used for the maintenance of the flooring, is also suitable for effective impregnation. The product is ideal for the surface care, as it gives it an aesthetically pleasing appearance and also nourishes the fibres of the flooring, exposing the woodgrains, which look beautiful in any interior. As the product is colourless, you can use it with almost any shade of wood. Applying this agent is extremely comfortable and the unique shine makes the floor look very elegant.


Impregnation of the flooring is very important if you want to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your floor. The lustre effect makes the flooring emphasize the elegance of each room. It is worth remembering to do it regularly – only then you have the chance to keep the flooring in good condition. Thanks to using shining agents, the scratches on the flooring become less visible, and the protective layer that forms after impregnation makes the floor more resistant to damage. Remember to take care of your floor on a daily basis without exposing it to sand, which damages its structure. Proper cleaning of the flooring should be done along its length, so that water does not get into the joints and does not damage the structure of the different parts of the floor. It is also worth using high-quality agents that will allow for effective impregnation, and thus extending the lifespan of the surface.