What distinguishes good flooring?

Laminated panels
When planning a renovation, you certainly want your home to be filled with exceptional furniture and materials. In order to make the interior refined, aesthetically pleasing and functional, opt for the best flooring. In the following text, we will give you some hints on what you should pay attention to in order to find it!

Flooring – what are the best models to choose?

Flooring has a very big impact on the appearance and functionality of interiors. For this reason, it is worth considering their choice carefully. Which flooring will be the best option for your home depends on many factors. The flooring material should be matched to the specific nature of a given room, the preferences of its users and the interior design style.

Vinyl flooring is particularly popular. It combines the advantages of other flooring materials. It is resistant to the most common damages, pleasant to the touch and very durable. It looks extremely aesthetically pleasing and is available in many different variants. Therefore, choosing the best colour, pattern and structure of the flooring won’t be a problem. What aspects should you pay special attention to for your vinyl flooring to be reliable and tailored to your needs? We will try to answer this question.

The best flooring for your home – key features

If you take into account all the aspects described above, you will easily choose the best flooring to create a cosy interior in your home. While looking for the perfect flooring, it’s worth knowing labels and markings used by manufacturers. This will allow you to make a conscious decision. The parameters you should pay attention to are described below.

Water resistance

Water-resistant flooring is a must for almost every room of your home as well as a public utility building. Water resistance will help you to protect flooring from swelling and detaching when exposed to moisture. This feature is a priority especially when using flooring in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway. These is because the floor in these rooms is particularly exposed to contact with water.

Water-resistant flooring is designed in such a way so that water stays on its surface. Liquid does not penetrate into the flooring and thus does not damage it. This keeps the floor safe for up to 48 hours after it gets wet. It is particularly important for instance in the event of an unexpected failure of fittings that may occur during the absence of household members. This option will also be appreciated by pet owners, as the animals often accidentally spill water and other liquids. If you notice puddles on the flooring after coming back home, it’s not a big deal – simply wipe them off. No trace of such incident will be left on the floor.


Water resistance is not the only technical parameter that affects the durability of the flooring. Protection against abrasion and the appearance of scratches on the floor surface is equally important. This aspect is covered by two parameters: usage class and abrasion class. The former one is indicated by the following numbers: 21-23 and 31-33. If you do not want the most common damage to appear on the floor, go for Class 31-33 flooring. It is protected against the appearance of cumbersome stains, dents caused by various objects falling down, scratches resulting from furniture movement or swelling when in contact with water.

Most customers pay attention to the abrasion class. Rating given to specific flooring depends on the results of the tests carried out. During the test, the conditions of everyday use of the flooring are simulated with the use of abrasive material. The models that achieve the best results are awarded AC4 or AC5 abrasion class rating. In some cases, it may also be AC6.


If you’re planning a DIY renovation, the most convenient flooring for you will be the one that is easy to install. The best choice will be materials that you can lay and fix to the substrate using glueless and tool-free installation systems. These include Megaloc and Easyloc. Both systems significantly facilitate the renovation process and allow it to be carried out even by people without experience. Another important advantage of this type of flooring is that it can be easily dismantled. As a result, you can avoid unnecessary effort and excessive dirt when you decide to change the decor.

When looking for planks that will allow to replace flooring quickly, it is also worth paying attention to the size and weight of the packages they will be packed in. The best choice will be handy ones that you can carry yourself, even to the upper floors in the block of flats.

Additional features

The best flooring is the one that meets the users’ needs. When deciding which specific model to choose, ask about details that are particularly important to you. For example, check whether the given flooring was awarded with Blue Angel certificate, which confirms that such flooring is safe to use, or whether it is covered with an anti-static coating. This feature helps to avoid excessive dust settling on the floor, thus not only making cleaning easier, but also making life easier for allergy sufferers.

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular. However, this practical and effective system works properly only with appropriately adapted flooring. If you want to use it, make sure that the flooring is compatible with it. The planks can’t be too thick – such floors can impede the distribution of heat in the room. On the other hand, a floor that is too thin can be unstable and prone to deformation. In this case, it is worth choosing a mid-way solution that will bring you satisfactory results.

The visual aspect

The appearance of the flooring is of key importance to many people. When entering your interiors, household members and guests will first pay attention to the visual aspect of the floor. Well-chosen colours and finishing of the flooring can also provide you with the most interesting results – add a cosy feel to the interior or optically enlarge it. So, if you’re looking for flooring to make a room seem brighter and spacious, glossy, light vinyl flooring will be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want to make spending time in a large living room with a kitchenette more enjoyable, go for dark models with clearly visible grains and knots. There is no doubt that they will look very natural.
When choosing the right colour for your flooring, remember that it may look slightly different in the photo or when displayed in a shop than in real life. Then it is worth using the samplers and taking them home or deciding on visualizations of ready-made designs. This will allow you to obtain a reliable image.

Flooring – which is the right one for you?

We hope that thanks to our guide you will be able to find the answer to the question about the best flooring for your home. When choosing a specific model, first and foremost, you need to take into account the presented technical parameters – whether the flooring will perform its function well depends largely on them. Also, make sure it suits your needs. Therefore, go for the flooring you like, and which will provide adequate comfort. Choose proven products from renowned manufacturers.